104th Rotary International conference Lisboa

104th Rotary International conference Lisboa, break out session
Prospective Rotarian Action Group Addiction Prevention on 26th of June,
World Day against Drugs and Drug trafficking:

Interview Wolfgang Götz, director European Monitoring Center for Drugs
and Drug Addiction and Johan Maertens, president PRAG AD.


Founding meeting on 08-02-2013

• PDG 1620: Dirk Schockaert
• D1620 Chair drug prevention: Johan Maertens
• PDG 1620: Werner Braemscheute
• Zone 18B Rotary Coordinator: Nico De Boer

The  Rotarian Action Group Addiction Prevention is a group of Rotarians that:

    • Prospects all Rotarians and Rotary clubs active in addiction prevention;
    • Brings their expertise together for study and exchange;
    • Learns how Rotary clubs can participate in the most effective way in the struggle against addiction;
    • Disseminates this knowledge, the developed methodology and informs and stimulates Rotary Districts and clubs;
    • Integrates addiction prevention as an essential part of their service at the community.

The Rotarian Action Group Addiction Prevention operates in accordance with Rotary International policy, but is not an agency, or controlled, by Rotary International.