Rc Brasília União Planetári

Institute Reciclando Sons (Recycling Sounds) was contemplated by Rotary Club Brasila União Planetária, District 4530, presidente 2013/14 Fabio Henry, with 70 violins, violoncellos and contrabass. The children and teenagers live in a very poor slum town near Brasilia, and Rejane. A young conductor, decided to change their drugs by erudit music, with an excellent result during the last 12 years. Starting with only some, now she teaches music to more than 100 young people.

Some even studied in a formal music school amd the idea is to give a future profession to them to leave the circle of violence  and drugs.
The last item 4) is dedicated to our Rclub and our Matching Grant Partner in England, Tiverton, district 1170.

contact: Ursula & Giuseppe Grattapaglia: bonaespero.brasil@gmail.com

Video films:

  1. Programma Inclusao, da TV Justiça, destaca o Reciclando Sons
  2. Video institucional do Instituto Reciclando Sons
  3. Tudo bem no comço – DF TV
  4. Matéria sobre o concerto de 10 anos do IRS