Rc Roeselare Mercurius

Addiction prevention by Rc Roeselare – Mercurius ” Explosive Chickens “

P1020929-1Rc Roeselare Mercurius choose ” Explosive Chickens ” as a District 1620 project within the drug prevention action. Explosive Chickens is a videogame developed in 2012 by La Mosca, in cooperation with all Rotary Clubs of Ghent.

Rc Roeselare Mercurius purchased 20 Samsung tablets upon which the game was installed. The covers with computer were put at the disposal of the Center for Mental Health at Roeselare ( Largo) and the CAW of Central West Flanders.

This called for an investment of 9.800 Euro fully made availableof by Rc RoeselareMercurius. Lending out and teaching the computer game is the responsibility of Largo and CAW at Roeselare.

The purpose consists of a group of vulnerable youngsters ( youngsters suffering character problems or emotional disturbances ) playing the game in an open field. Every player moves with his or her own tablet and the groups tries to win from the central computer of the developer of the videogame. Through an internet connection and a GPS positioning system the youngsters ( one group are the hunters and the other one are the farmers ) try to eliminate as many as possible ” explosive chickens “. Obviously everyone wants to be a hunter,  but as the game evolves  the role of the farmer becomes more and more important.

P1020935-1The aim is that the youngster within a given age group realizes that everyone has to fulfill his or her role within the community. ( here within the video game ).

This way the factor self esteem ( self confidence ) will increase within the group and  it seems that the youngsters can more easily say “no” to drugs. ( scientific research by Professor Freay Vander Laenen. )

The covers with the 20 computers and the 20 internet connections were financed by RcRoeselare Mercurius, while CAW and CGG of the town of Roeselare are in charge of the lending out and the training of the game companions.

Pieter Nevejan – Rc Roeselare Mercurius

Translated by Jacques De Maen – Rc Lokeren – May 24 -2014