Global Grants in Progress

All Global Grants are approved by Rotary International and are working in the field of addiction prevention. Read more about these ongoing Global Grants and their updates. If more information is desired, the contact persons can be found in the description below.

Global Grant on Training Addiction Treatment & Prevention, Mumbai India (GG1640108)

Rotary club Maldegem D1620 Belgium (International Partner) and Rotary club Ghatkopar D3141 (Host Partner) have organized a global grant for training addiction treatment and prevention for students, young professionals and medical doctors. 

Students, young professionals and Rotarians are currently being trained in addiction and addiction prevention. Students and young professionals in order to expand the number of professionals active in this field. Rotarians in order to become well informed intermediaries between local professional prevention organizations, local authorities, health organizations and schools, youth organizations, companies that need evidence based prevention programs for their organization. Evaluation of the training program in order to adapt the curriculum for the next training sessions.

Contact: Yvan De Baerdemaecker:

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Global Grant on Treatment and Prevention of Heroïn Addicts, USA Upstate New York (GG1743408)

Rotary Club Binghamton D7170 Upstate NY (Host Partner) and Rotary Club of Tijuana Oeste (International Partner) have organised a global grant on treatment and prevention of Heroïn addicts in the Upstate NY region.

District 7170 created in cooperation with clubs of the district a global grant that addresses the critical aspects of the opioid problem that has infected its communities. It is joining area agencies to educate its young people about the dangers of drug abuse, support an ambulatory detox center, create a media campaign targeted to those at most risk and provide transportation for treatment for addicts in rural areas.

Contact: Rc Binghamton PDG Lana Rouff:

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Youth Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment in the Community of Macassar, South-Africa (GG1758160)

The aim of the program is to build skills within a community by supporting a team of professionals that will travel abroad to train or learn. Building on the experience of last year's cooperation with the Macassar schools, the project wants to come to a well-founded drug prevention policy at high schools in Western Cape, South Africa. These schools make use of the services of the Mudita Foundation who works with the wishes and day to day practice of the schools involved. The presence of a GGD Amsterdam specialist is contributing to the process.

Primary Contacts

Host Club: District 9350, RC Helderberg Sunrise, Ton Houben (

International Partner: District 1600, RC Schiedam, Johan Smit

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