Recent Events in the Field of Addiction Prevention


Side event to the Sixty-Fourth Session of the CND

This event aimed to broaden the debate on the legal status of cannabis by focusing on how prevention and treatment programs could be adapted to problematic cannabis users.

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Training Addiction Prevention Committee Chairs (APCC) of all the clubs (about 94) of D3142 attended the meeting along with many Presidents, Presidents Elect and Presidents Nominee along with a few District Officers.

Everyone received a road map for the remaining 100 days of this Rotary year.


Seminar Addiction Prevention, District 2130, September 2020


District 2130 and 2150 combine forces and share a common website on addiction prevention! 



RID 3142 (Thane) Has Taken a Lead in Organising Seminars During Summer 2020


1.     National level seminar to sensitize and orient college students towards Addiction Prevention was organised on 5th July 2020 on Virtual Platform where in about 87000 college students & Rotarians participated. R.I. Prez. Holger Knack, R.I. Prez. Elect Shekhar Mehta, RAGAP Chair PRIP Kalyan Banerjee, RTN Dr. Johan Maertens, Legendary Cricketer Kapil Dev and various experts addressed the audience.

2.     Second National level seminar was organized for Health Professionals across India on 30th Aug 2020 on virtual platform wherein about 16500 Health Professionals and others participated and was addressed by National Scientific Advisory Committee for Addiction Prevention.

3.     Orientation and Training Program was organized for all the 90 clubs in Dist. 3142 with their Prez., Prez. Elect and Addiction Prevention Committees.


Johan Maertens, Vice-president and Chair Scientific Committee of the Rotary Action Group for Addiction prevention, presents the Action Group's work to the members of the Vienna NGO committee, an umbrella NGO for NGO's active in Addiction treatment and prevention. Listen to his explanation what this RAG can do to support NGO's active in addiction prevention. If you are interested, contact us at 

More Events

The Summer Leadership Academy for Alcohol Harm Prevention 2019

The world’s first ever international summer school for bright young minds who want to take the lead in transforming student environments by addressing alcohol-related harm.


RAG AP at Rotary Convention in Hamburg, June 2019

Boot of RAG Addiction Prevention in The House of Friendship

Management of substance abuse

WHO Forum on alcohol, drugs and addictive behaviours, June 2019 

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime: Commission of Narcotic Drugs

In its 62nd session in 2019, the Commission adopted the 2019 Ministerial Declaration on strengthening actions at the national, regional and international levels to accelerate the implementation of joint commitments made to jointly address and counter the world drug problem. 

5th world WFAD Forum against drugs Stockholm May 2016

The World Federation Against Drugs hosted the 5th World Forum Against Drugs in Vienna, Austria, March 12-13, 2016.

Addiction Prevention Seminar Brussels September 2013

Seminar organized by D1620, D1630 and D2170 in Brussels: 85 Rotarians representing 44 clubs from the three districts