Global Grant Tripureswor, Nepal

Facilitating Early Age addiction prevention Education in Nepal (2 years)

Main Objectives

The project contributes to adapt the pre-tested and verified modules on addiction prevention in Nepal targeting 3-5 year age-group and 6-12 years age-group. The objective of the project is to facilitate children/adolescents in taking correct decision for their life and minimize the ill-mannered thoughts/behaviors focusing on prevention of addiction from young age.  In the pre-phase, the project supports in translating the modules in Nepali language and contextualizing it in Nepal. More than that, it assists to capacitate the professionals that include teachers, health personnel (doctor/nurses), professionals engaged in psychology and mental health, and social workers based on the implementation of the modules. These 200 professionals will be provided Training of Trainers (ToT) in the first phase followed by training of 8.000 teachers in the second phase and delivering the training to 240.000 children in third phase. (see draft proposal)

The project budget is calculated on $165.000,00

Please check if your club/district would join this effort? A full partnership would be $2.500 for a club, if a full partnership is not possible any gift will help.

Primary contacts

Host club: RC Tripureswor, D3292, Krishna Subedi,

International Parter club: not yet determined, if interested contact: Johan Maertens, Managing Director RAG Addiction Prevention,


Read Global Grant Proposal