Prof. Frank Martens

Prof. Frank Martens


1972: PharmD University at Ghent (UGent)

1976: UGent: Certificate Pharmacist specialist in Analytical Toxicology

1976: UGent: PhD  Pharmaceutical Sciences

PhD thesis: "Toxicological Analysis of Tetra-alkylthiuramdisulfides and their Metabolites in Biological Fluids”

1972- 1977: UGent: Specialist in Clinical Pathology in the field of Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Hemostasis, Microbiology and Immunology 

Courses and learning periods at New York (1971), Utrecht (1973), Delft (1973), London (1974), Mainz(1974), Grötzingen(1975).

1982- 1992 : KU Leuven: MD

Promotion with thesis: " Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute Intoxications with Tricyclic Antidepressants" (Prof Dr Delooz, Dr M. Sabbe en Prof Dr N. Blanckaert)



1972- 1977:   UGent: Resident Laboratory Toxicology , Faculty Pharmaceutical Sciences, Supervision (Clinical Chemistry, Forensic Toxicology, Clinical Toxicology and Industrial Toxicology)

1977- 2015: Clinical pathologist – toxicologist at the hospitals St Niklaaskliniek and AZ Groeninge, Kortrijk (Belgium)         

1991 – 1995: Scientific co-worker Department Emergency Medicine at University Hospital KU Leuven.

2002 -  now: University of Antwerp: visiting professor medical biochemistry and laboratory management:  postgraduate training of clinical pathologists.

2003 – 2013: University KU Leuven at Kortrijk : visiting professor clinical enzymology  and medical physics at the Faculty of Medicine.                   

2015 -  2019: University Ghent: visiting professor medical biochemistry: postgraduate education of clinical pathologists.

2018 - 2021: University of Antwerp : Faculty of Design Sciences Dept Conservation and Restoration: Industrial toxicology and preventive medicine and laboratory security.

Publications and presentations in the field of toxicology and clinical toxicology: 120