Johan Maertens

Orthopedagogue-Psychotherapist, International Health and Management Advise, Belgium

Johan Maertens is a Master in Psychological and Educational sciences and was trained as psychotherapist in several methods and disciplines. He founded many healthcare centers for drug addiction treatment and prevention and centers for ambulatory psychotherapeutic treatment for individuals, groups and couples. He invested in solar energy with profits for social projects: we turn solar energy into health, education and wellbeing for the poorest under the sun. Close to retirement he initiated social and cultural projects in his city of Birth Bruges. To continue what did not gain enough support and attention during his career, prevention of addiction, he founded with others the Rotarian Action Group Addiction Prevention, got the recognition of Rotary International and the cooperation support of UNODC and WHO to motivate and engage the power and the network of Rotary for prevention of addiction. 


  • De Sleutel (network in Flanders of centers for drugaddiction treatment and prevention), from 1975-2008, Founder, CEO 

  • Centrum voor Persoons- en Relatietraining cv (CPRT) [Centre for personal and relational training), since 1979

  • Manager psychologist-psychotherapist 

  • International Mental Health Advisors bvba (IMHA) Consultant, since 2007 

  • Fracarita International (Brothers of Charity) from 2007-2012) International networking, advisor of the Board. 

  • Rotarian Cation Group Addiction Prevention (RAG AP), since 2012 Vice-president, Chair Scientific Committee 

  • De Patio vzw (network of youth care centers in Bruges), since 2012 Member of the board, founder Herkern 

  • Eye Hope Foundation (Scientific research Wolfram syndrome) since 2014 President of the Board 

  • Damme Golf Charity Cup, since 2014 Founder en President 

  • RM Consult (holding for Enforsa nv, FEGO24 bvba and Enforsa Rwanda Ltd. All active in solar energy and investments) since 2012 Owner, CEO 

  • Poppentheater Uilenspiegel Brugge vzw, since 2018 Founder President 

Education and Qualifications

  • Secondary education: Latin-Mathematics, O.L. Vrouwecollege Assebroek-Bruges, 1968

  • Master in Psychologic and Educational Sciences, department of Special Education, with honour, Ghent University, 1974

  • Trained and recognized psychotherapist in client-centred therapy (1978) and Bonding Psychotherapy (1982)

Trainer in Bonding Psychotherapy qualified by the International Society for Bonding Psychotherapy (ISBP) and the Vlaams-Nederlandse Vereniging voor Bondingpsychotherapie (VBP) [Flemish-Dutch Society for Bonding Psychotherapy]