RAG AP International is Active in Different Continents


A group of Indian Rotarians who want to bring awareness about addictions in their society and strive to bring about behavioural change in the society, reduce the percentage of addictions and facilitate the treatment and rehabilitation. Purpose is to spread the knowledge about the ill effects of Addiction on physical social and emotional health of individuals.

Kalyan Banerjee, Chairman RAG AP International, Past President Rotary  International

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Rotary Club of Addiction Prevention

A cause-based Rotary Club for Addiction Prevention was founded in India! 

The R.E.C.A.P club has no geographical bounderies and they already have representations outside India  in e.g. UK, USA and Mauretania.
Four focuses were launched and they are:  Kick Habit, Get High on Life , Logout and Cheers. If you are interested to learn more about them, just click the button.

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Provide Project SMART to address the Opioid Crisis and polluted drinking water in North America!

The five-step Program of Project SMART is like no other program addressing the Opioid Crisis. We are eradicating addiction one City at a time just as Rotary eradicated Polio one City at a time!

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List of Subcommittee Chairs 


Larry Kenemore, North America Task Force Leader